Eggplant, peach, banana. While some people may think that’s simply part of a shopping list, they are actually three of the most popular and innuendo-filled emojis when it comes to the art of sexting.

As cell phones and text messaging have become more and more ubiquitous, so too has sexting, with people using things like emojis to supplement or even completely replace texts announcing their amorous desires and intentions. While sexting has become a relatively common phenomenon in the United States, some states just seem to do it better than others.

A recent study set out to find exactly which Americans are the best and worst when it comes to getting their digital get down on. By utilizing Google Trends data to see which states were the most and least interesting sexting based on their search volume for terms such as “sexting tips” and “how to sext”  they were able to determine which states are the most and least ‘sexty.’ That data was translated into these maps that illustrate exactly which states are the most and least flame emoji when it comes to getting their kissy face on.  

As an added bonus, they also used search terms like “what is sexting?” to find out which states still haven’t quite gotten the hang of the trend. Interestingly, Ohio was one of the five states most confused by sexting while also finishing as the third-sextiest state overall, proving that you don’t necessarily need to get it to, well, get it!