These days, we know there are apps for pretty much everything, but there are also apps for absolutely nothing. “I am Rich” is an app that was briefly retailing on the apple store for $999 despite having absolutely no function. It was simply a bragging right for the obscenely wealthy (and tacky).

But there are expensive apps out there that do actually bring something to the table.



BarMaxCA is potentially one of the most convenient ways to prep for the California bar exam while paying less than a third of the cost of an in-person course run by the same company. It will still run you $1000, but a typical prep course with the parent company costs $3K-$4K for a two month session.

The comprehensive app includes thousands of written lessons as well as hours of audio courses. The company can also send users extra study materials electronically for a more real-life feel.

Miami, Fl attorney Jerry Sokol stated that “while he had to study for the bar exam the old fashioned way, [he] really wished an app like this had been around when [he] was in law school.”



Another popular app for the lawyers out there? Fastcase. This free legal research application is available to download on iPhone and iPad. With it, users can pull up a court case, legal statute, or other relevant information instantly. Users can also search for specific cases by date and location to quickly access the details they need. The app functions like a Google for court cases.



Finally, Black’s Law Dictionary is an indispensable tool for a lawyer at any phase of his or her career. Though this one sure isn’t free, for $55, lawyers (or curious individuals) can purchase the app and immediately have access to seemingly endless legal jargon. No longer must lawyers lug around heavy dictionaries (did any of them do that in past decades?) but rather, they can access more than 45,000 legal terms with a tap of their thumb.

Whether you’re a high-powered attorney, a law student, or merely a lover of John Grisham thrillers, there’s an app for you. These are just three of our favorites.