facebook-vs-googleplusFacebook vs. Google plus is a battle that’s sure to start and go a long way. Facebook being a leading social networking site and Plus being one that aspires to be a leader. With Google’s unending support, this nevertheless, looks quite possible. Meanwhile, let’s look at why the original social network — facebook beats Google Plus. Here are 6 reasons why:

1. Plus Layout Picked Straight From Facebook And Lesser Users

Google Plus had a super launch with the “invite” only concept. But when people arrived on the site, they realized:
a. There was no one there
b. It was an fB rip off!

G-Plus had only one major advantage and that was of being slightly sleeker. Besides that, it created a great buzz and enthusiasm for people who were bored of Facebook. The trump card here was “Privacy”. Google Plus promised to offer greater privacy to content. That brings us to the next point.

2. Facebook Easily Incorporated The “Circles” Privacy Concept

By incorporating the circles concept of selective sharing rather easily, facebook simply stepped ahead beating the only edge Plus had — and that of Privacy. With the circles concept, they were announcing the idea of “selective” sharing with people you want. So every content/status has an audience that you select. fB came up with tab which easily allows you to change the privacy setting. Simple and effective; wins over the brilliant Circles concept because they launched the feature before people could understand HOW to use the circles feature.

3. Plus Lets You Share With Anyone — Spamming On The High

Facebook has the advantage that only people who are friends with you can share with you. Besides, you now also have the option to “unsubscribe” from their updates if you do not wish to un-friend them but at the same time, wish to stop the incoming feed. Voila! No egos hurt and you don’t get the feed as well!

4. Facebook Pages — a great way to build businesses

Facebook’s business pages are a great way to build brands. With the possibility to add additional features like plug-ins and even sell products from your fB site, fB business pages sure offer a great deal. More so, for those who don’t have profiles on fB but still want to create business pages, they can; with the fB Business Profiles. Plus is trying to catch up. With the Google support and algorithm changes to give Plus an edge, we can expect a beneficial change for G+; but otherwise, facebook pages will remain a rage.

5. Open Graph Format Platform on facebook

The latest open graph is again a One — Up for facebook. Programmers can have a ball designing apps which create a more interesting user experience and the same time, strengthen facebook’s usage. For instance, XYZ is now listening to “In the shadows” on abc.com is a great way to connect and share interests and a sure shot way to make money!

6. Facebook is constantly innovating!

With features like ticker and the new layout — Timeline, facebook is certainly updating constantly. And all these features initially look cumbersome, but later turn into hits!

For instance, look at ticker. Initially it was that irritating thing flashing on the side bar, and now, you get the latest updates flashing there and tend to click on it. Imagine businesses that set pre — timed updates. Now, you can reach people at any time in the day, and you know there are more chances of them noticing you!!