blogengage-contest-1000 guest bloggerThe average blogger is always eager for a few things; more readers, more traffic, and more cash. Though I’m the first to point out that blogging is generally not a lucrative income nor does it produce a huge return on your time invested it can be fun, and memorable, as well as providing a way to share your thoughts with those who may care to listen. Now there’s a sweet opportunity for you to put your blogging skills to the test and earn yourself up to $1000 US just for blogging.

I’m talking about the Blog Engage 1000 USD Best Guest Blogger of 2011 Contest, and it’s simply NOT too late to enter. It’s early August 2011 and you have plenty of time to compose yourself a few guest articles (or maybe only one is all you need) and submit them to Blog Engage.

An Example of Winning Content

There are secrets to winning a contest like this, and though writing is a massive part of it, it is not the only component. Your ability to promote and engage others in social media networks is going to be key to winning this contest. Blog Engage has run numerous monthly contests and continues to do so, this article below placed first in one of their earlier contests in 2011. Take a look at it and put your social networking skills to the test by giving it a practice run with your promotional skills.

Here’s how you go about it, first click on the #winning article here Are You a Genuine Blogger or a Faker?, then tweet it, share it on facebook, spread it on google+, tweet it again, comment on it, and then drop the bookmark on your favorite social bookmarking site like delicious, digg or olddogg. (If you’re not sure where to find all these sites take a look at this popular article about the top social networking sites for bloggers)

How To Enter

There are a few critical and important guidelines you must follow in order to be properly entered and qualify for the 1000 USD. Rather then repeating all the rules here, I’m simply going to direct you to the contest details at the following link Blog Engage 1000 USD Best Guest Blogger of 2011 Contest.

Once you’ve got an account, written some articles, and created a sponsorship post on your own blog you’ll want to know the details on getting your article(s) to be noticed. Brian, the founder of Blog Engage (A little research on him can be dug up in this interview) will be taking everything you do with your guest articles throughout all of 2011 with regards to the social promotion (tweets, engages, linkedin votes, comments etc.) those totals will correlate to who wins the $1000!

The Sponsors

Contests like this wouldn’t be possible without amazing sponsors who put up the cash! Please take a moment to appreciate and perhaps visit them.

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