success with google adsense successAchieving Adsense success is not impossible or out of reach. Though Google Adsense is often overlooked by people trying to make money on-line, it is often because of a misconception that you cannot make a lot of money with it. However this is not true and it is possible to generate impressive revenue per 1000 impressions. In addition there is the benefit of monthly cash payments, no customers to deal with, and no need to worry about affiliate programs being stopped forcing you to find new revenue streams.

The Secret to Adsense Success

The trick with Google Adsense is to have a niche targeted site. Your domain name and pages should be based around keywords that attract a pricey cost per click (CPC) on the Adwords side. Google typically pays about 60-70% of Adwords revenue to the Adsense publisher – so you can get a fair idea of how much you can expect to earn by using the free tools Google provide for Adwords users. The people who make small money (per 1000 visitors) usually have non-targeted sites, or get a lot of traffic from countries where the Adwords customers are not targeting.

For obvious reasons, it is probably not wise to pay for traffic for your Adsense site. Because it is doubtful you will get traffic cheap enough to make a profit, and depending on the source it could be against Google’s Terms of Service. The best sources of traffic are organic search engine traffic, as well as traffic from forums, web 2.0 sites and repeat visitors.

If you want to achieve adsense success you have two choices for content. One option is to produce a lot of content quickly to get maximum SEO benefit, another option is to slowly build up quality content for the purpose of adding value and attracting repeat visitors. It is up to you which way to go, although I have had success mixing the two approaches. For example you could post a lot of quick content on your blog, but link to your best posts on the “blog roll” section of permanent links.

To maximize your click-through rate I recommend experimenting with different size ads and different locations. Placing the ad unit between the header and the blog post worked best for me, as it gets the attention of someone who visited. Remember that Adsense takes people away from your site, so it could be detrimental if you are trying to sell products on your site. If this is the case you might want the ad unit towards the bottom, so people only click if they are not interested in your product.

Colors – there are many options for colouring the ad unit. I recommend sticking with the default colors as they work best for me. Choose a color scheme for your blog so that you have a background that matches the Adsense units you are using.

I hope this gives you a flavour of how Adsense can make you good money. Over a number of websites you could earn a full time living purely from Adsense income, and never deal with a screaming customer again! Have you achieved Adsense success with your sites, share any tips or advice in the comments!