i7 hackintosh build video on info carnivoreAre you familiar with the term hackintosh yet? Basically a hackintosh is a “hacking” project that runs the Mac OS X operating system on non-Apple PC with x86 architecture and x86-64 compatible processors. This became possible soon after the June 2005 Worldwide Developers Conference announcement that Apple would be transitioning its personal computers from PowerPC to Intel microprocessors. If you were to build a computer to run this type of Mac OS X it would be known as a Hackintosh, obviously a combination of the word “hack” and the name of Apple’s main brand of computers, Macintosh. The video below may reveal the ultimate home hackintosh build.

The Ultimate Hackintosh

A friend of mine recently endeavored to build his own hackintosh and filmed the mission. Though the video is a bit lengthy the actual build process is very entertaining as is his style of filming. I will always be an avid fan of the Mac vs PC debate, and the hackintosh concept puts a neat little spin on the technology debate. The system Levi builds here is running Mac OSx 10.6.5 on PC hardware!

Levi used information gathered from NoFilmSchool and Tonymacx86 Blog. Levi currently has his own website under construction, you can bounce over there at levivk.com. At the 7:57 mark in the video Levi uses his newly built hackintosh to open every piece of software he has installed on the system including the entire Adobe CS5 Suite and a number of other resource heavy products. Watch how well the core i7 and the 12 gigs of DDR3 handle it! A valuable resource worth investigating: OSx86: Creating a Hackintosh


Hackintosh Video

Hackintosh System specs:

  • Intel core i7 950 (quad core)
  • GPU: NVidia geforce gtx 460 756mb
  • Mother Board: Gigabyte X58A Ud3r
  • Ram: 12gb dd3 1600mhz
  • Hard Drives: Ocz Vertex 2 ssd 60gb
  • Basic Maxtor 1 TB hard drive
  • A 650-watt psu
  • Stock coolers and fans
  • Cost: $1200.00

Software / Hacking end:
“I used “Iboot loader legacy” for my initial boot, I changed some setting in the bios, and I loaded all my custom kext’s with imultibeast, I used a custom dsdt file for my mobo. And overall everything is running flawless! So happy!”

If you enjoy this video and post, leave a comment for Levi and let him know your thoughts! Impressed? Inspired? Maybe you should be building a hackintosh of your own. If you think you have what it takes to build your own hackintosh I’d advise you to take a look at this the ultimate guide to building your own hackintosh:

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