beginner tips for new google plus usersGoogle Plus has made quite a splash ever since it made its debut last year, however it was mostly and still is mostly adopted by the tech savvy crowd among us. Here’s one thing to keep in mind though about Google Plus, when Facebook first came out it was only available to college students and it wasn’t till quite some time after it had been around that it very slowly…became the phenomenon it is today. It was definitely not an overnight sensation or success. Yet look how powerful and omni-present it is now. We believe the exact same thing is going to take place with the Google Plus social network. So with that in mind, if you run an offline business or an online venture, we think it’s a smart idea to get on board and join Google Plus and use it to promote your content, site and or business.

Let’s take a look below at a few beginner tips for new Google + users. You.

Fill Out Your Profile Tab –

One of the most important things you can do with your Plus page is to fill out the profile tab which includes information about you and your websites or blogs. You can include a link to these in the About area and as of this writing they are do follow links. You can add a photo, details about your business and more. All for free.

Update Regularly –

If you can update daily, then that is great. If not, shoot at least for a few times a week. Your circle will look to you for info, tricks, tips and more on whatever niche you’re in. You can also outsource this if you find yourself short on time. Look in places like eLance and or ask your social network directly. Types of things you can post on your Google + page include quotes, photos, videos, tips, and or links to articles you’ve written or links to articles from others in your circle.

Plus Others –

As you grow your following, do share freely and often. When someone in your Circle has something great to say, share it on your page by Plusing it. When you’re perusing the web and come across a fantastic article or other item that you think your market might be interested in, share this as well. In other words, Plus often and it will become something that your Circle will come to eagerly expect of you.

Take Advantage Of The Free Tools Provided –

There are loads of widgets, buttons and badges available from various sources and Google itself to install on your website or blog, to bookmark items of interest and or to make it easy for others to join your Circle. Feel free to use these tools and take advantage of the many benefits found on Google’s hot new social network.

Let us know what tips you have for Google + beginners? Tell me below in the comment area.

This guest article was contributed by Rachel who writes for an online car hire San Francisco service provider and also runs a fun site dedicated to online marketing.