Blog Engage Contest Sponsors Info CarnivoreBlog Engage is back hosting another blogging contest for this early part of 2011. This time the prize money up for grabs is $500 US dollars! With 250 for first place, 150 for second and 100 for third this is your opportunity to find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a successful blogger. Do you have the writing skills to capture people’s attention, and are your posts relevant enough to gain votes, comments and social media promotion? Entering a contest like this one at Blog Engage, is the way to find out if you have what it takes. You’ve got nothing to lose so why not write an article and enter now?

These contests are a big deal and this will not be the only blogging contest Blog Engage holds in 2011, in fact there will be plenty more including a year long contest that will culminate in December with a $1000 USD grand prize (find out more about the Year End contest and how to participate now, here).

Sponsors of Blog Engage’s 2011 Contests:

The sponsors are what makes these contests possible. You can take a look at the Contests and Sponsors page at Blog Engage directly, or take the time to find out who these great companies are by following the links below.

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Who Can Participate?

You can! If you are a Blog Engage member and you have a paypal account and a gravatar you can participate in this contest. What’s required of you? Find out HOW TO WIN by reading the official contest rules and guidelines directly at Blog Engage.

My Submission: Support Daniel and

I’ve got an entry in this contest titled “Are you a genuine blogger or a faker”, and I would really appreciate all the support and votes I can get! The following actions are really important…

It’s easy to help me win! 🙂

1. Go to the article and leave a comment.
2. Retweet it on twitter.

Any way you can help will seriously boost my chances of success in this contest.