bringing a face to your company video marketingWhile the web is dominated by new marketing technologies, the basic art of storytelling is still alive and well. Nothing accomplishes the two-fold goal of effective communication and customer engagement like the medium of video. Any type of business benefits from a more audiovisual approach to web marketing. Not only because video is an attractive way to digest information, but if people are able to connect with your brand through a video, and are more likely to convert to customers, subscribers or donors — depending on your specific organization. A good video can benefit any type of audience. Whether you run an online clothing boutique, or a high-tech cloud service company, there’s no better way to connect with an audience than through video.

Many leading companies have recognized this and harnessed the power of the medium to distinguish themselves from the competition. Rackspace updates the videos on their blog regularly, and Groupon uses their blog as a way to capitalize on the creative energy of their staff producing quirky, often hilarious skits about the goings-on at the company’s Chicago headquarters.

The importance of videos to brands is reflected in Youtube’s recent decision to allow brand channels on the site, designed to be a hub for a company’s visual media.

Elements of a Good Promotional Web Video

o Make Sense of it — If the end of your video leaves audiences left scratching their heads, you probably need to hire a new a web video producer. At the very least, viewers must understand your message, and be able to easily conceptualize what you’re trying to communicate. You don’t want viewers reaching for the back button, or leaving negative comments on your video feed. This requires storytelling skills.

o Tug at the Heartstrings — Every company has a unique story to tell. Whatever that special storytelling element is will also determine the level of audience engagement. In some organizations, like a bicycle delivery service, this element may be obvious. But if you’re working with a server administration firm, this may require a little more creativity. Either way, your audience must connect on an intellectual and emotional level with your product.

o Sharing is Caring — Whether you like it or not, the web is getting more social by the minute, and so must your video content. If your video doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter share button, you’re almost better off not posting a video at all. Ensuring the “shareability” of your video content is also ensuring wider exposure and web traffic for your organization. In the realm of web video marketing, a share is like a vote for your video. If someone bothers to share your content with his or her immediate social network, you’re doing something right.

o Inspire Action — Since it’s highly likely that you’re not creating a promotional web video for your health, the video must inspire action with your viewers. As with any marketing message, your web video campaign must call the viewer to action. Whether your call to action is a sharing the video, purchasing a product, or signing up for a recurring subscription, your video’s end-goal must be to convert digital strangers into your growing family of regular customers.