How does your Church serve you? Finding the right Church is all about making sure your Church feeds you, and meets yours and your families needs right?
Or is that right? Lately my family and I have been seeking a Church to attend. So, we’ve been wrestling with the question, “what are we looking for in a Church?”

It seems human nature inclines towards looking for what will meet our needs, rather than how we can meet the needs of others. I am supremely guilty of this… even last week, we visited a Church and the first thing I did was complain about how no one greeted us. Now on one hand, I do think a Church has a responsibility to greet new-comers, and make them feel welcome, but on the other hand maybe I should go introduce myself, and be pro-active about becoming a part of a Church.

I’m trying to get out of the mentality, that Church is about meeting my needs, and going somewhere to ‘get fed’. Church should be more about community, and serving one another. Christian culture can easily become dependent on Churches that ‘feed the sheep’, and the sheep never learn to feed themselves… Time to grow up!

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