So it looks like Tip #1 was really a two for one, so I’ll have to be careful to give only one piece of advice with this one. Gotta keep the people coming back right?

Tip #2, ccleaner

ccleaner is one my all-time favorite PC tools. It was originally called crap-cleaner but when it got purchased by a major developer (Piriform) they changed its name up a little bit. ccleaner is an amazingly popular tool, as of February 25, 2010 it has been downloaded over 400 million times. Why is it so popular, and why do I think you should have it?

ccleaner is one of the most effective ways for cleaning your PC registry, and removing unused (temp) files from your computer (it also has a handy uninstall/remove programs option that I find to work just as well, if not better than the windows uninstaller). You might be amazed at what a difference this program makes. I’ve run this cleaner on machines and found well over 2 gigabytes of junk data that needed to be removed, and was bogging down things like Internet Explorer or Firefox. The program is small, installs quickly and yet is amazingly powerful. So powerful in fact, that it is one of the first things I install on any computer that might need some help. I can’t get into all the details regarding the importance of repairing and cleaning up your windows registry, but trust me, your registry is essentially the backbone of your operating system and having it optimized is critical to a stable PC. Registry errors are not at all uncommon, so don’t be surprised when you find some, they almost always occur with the uninstallation of software, and as things change on your PC. Use ccleaner every couple weeks, take a look at the program closely and check/uncheck the options that are important to you. As with any new program, don’t rush through the installation process, take a look at the questions it asks you and make a decision regarding how you want to install this program. Do you really need that extra desktop icon? or can you just access this program from the start bar? Cluttered desktops are nasty to look at, and can make your PC experience feel cluttered and confusing (I have only a few icons on my desktop), oops there I go offering more than one tip at a time. So click on the ccleaner logo above to go to filehippo and download this baby.

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