Tip #6, firefox tip: keywords for your bookmarks & the bookmark toolbar.

Well this tip won’t help speed up your computer, but it will help speed up your life. At this point I’m assuming you already use firefox, or have made the change simply because I suggested it (because it’s the right thing to do!). Firefox has a nifty little feature called “keywords” which can be built into your bookmarks.

As you can see by the below image, if you right click on any item you’ve bookmarked and click properties, you have the option to enter a keyword. Here I’ve clicked on my ‘information week’ bookmark, and for the keyword I’ve selected ‘infoweek’.
Now if I head up to my address bar at the top of firefox, I can simply type my keyword in, instead of the full address, or seeking for the bookmark.
Take a look at image 2.

This will take me right to the site entered into the bookmark… This can be quite useful, and is a great shortcut.

But I’m not done, firefox has another fantastic option for simplifying your browsing: there is actually a bookmark toolbar right below your address bar. Whenever you are visiting a site you want to bookmark, and it is high on your list of visited sites than maybe putting it here is the thing to do. Simply grab hold of the tab with your mouse, and pull it up to the bookmark toolbar. There it sits. Right click and select properties, to adjust its name.
Here’s a look at my bookmark toolbar; this would be the place to store sites you visit a lot (like Information Carnivore!)

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