made for adsense blogIt’s hard to find an easier way to make money with websites than with Google AdSense A novice can insert AdSense ads in a blog or website and start making money with little to no upfront cost. Unfortunately for those honest and hardworking bloggers, some Internet marketers have taken advantage of this and abused the AdSense platform to such an extent that “AdSense websites” have earned a rather negative reputation. Such sites, known as “Made For AdSense” or “MFA” sites, have been among the targets of the Google Panda Updates. What defines an MFA site, and should you avoid it?

Made For AdSense Blogs

When you hear webmasters and Internet marketers talking about a site or blog that’s “made for AdSense,” they refer to sites that are used–or appear to be used–chiefly to earn the owner money through AdSense ads that are placed in that site or blog. In other words, the site isn’t there to provide useful information to the reader; it is there only to make money by getting visitors to click on the ads.

Google hates Made For AdSense sites because they do not offer valuable, authoritative content to the reader. Anyone can publish an MFA site–and the content is seldom any good since the owner doesn’t care about it; it’s just a cash cow.

Check If You Have an MFA Blog

There’s no written definition of what makes an MFA site. In theory, two sites could look alike, and yet one person made his site out of love for his subject, and the other did it just to make money. But people in general agree that MFA sites share some factors in common, such as:

  • Numerous AdSense ads that affect user experience
  • Unusual or unsightly placement of AdSense ads (seemingly to get lure more clicks from visitors)
  • Duplicate or spun content (such as plagiarized articles)
  • Poorly written content

In years past, it was possible to make money the easy way with Made For AdSense sites. And it still is–but it is getting harder and harder. And the reality that all Internet marketers must face is that eventually, Google will catch up to it all. Before that time comes, you want to be prepared. You want a really good site that Google wouldn’t want to slap come next Panda Update.

How to Avoid Having an MFA Blog

The way to avoid making a Made For AdSense site is simply to not make your site just for AdSense!

New as I am to the Internet marketing world, I have spent no small amount of time learning from and working with veterans in the business. The most successful people I’ve seen have one dirty secret to making money online and avoiding the MFA problem.

That is: Create quality sites!

If you have a blog, make it a great one. Write about the things you care about, have authority and experience in, and/or enjoy talking about. Determine what gives you an edge over the competition, and play on it. Make your site user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. Interact with your visitors. Give your blog an identity, a personality. In short, show visitors you give a damn about your blog for reasons other than money!

Recently, I wrote an article, How to Make a Facebook Profile on my blog. Not being a tech wizard, I nevertheless offered the reader what I could to make the article useful: clear instructions and lots of pictures. Some of my articles have videos that I personally made as well.

Work hard on your site, and your readers will notice. Do that, and you don’t have an MFA site. Do that, and you establish credibility for your site. Do that, while also promoting your site through SEO, social media, etc. and you can trust the money will come.