It is no secret that Blog Engage is my favorite social network at the moment. Posts that make it to the front page get a lot of views and even ad clicks earning the author revenue through the Blog Engage revenue sharing program. If you don’t know a whole lot about Blog Engage but are interested in knowing more you can read my review on The Blog Engage Community. In addition I’ve also interviewed Brian the founder of Blog Engage and you can read that interview here. I also surveyed a number of bloggers and posted their comments in an article titled The Best and Worst Social Networks for Bloggers, find out their thoughts on Blog Engage, here. Now to the crux of this article, I’d like to give a special mention to my fifteen favorite members of Blog Engage and share with you their most voted on articles, these individuals take the time to read articles, comment on articles, vote for articles and retweet them or otherwise promote them. They deserve all the recognition they can get! If ever I need another vote at Blog Engage I’m certain one of these kind folks will help me out. I hope you’ll take the time to read some of these fantastic articles. By the way no special order on this list, these are all fantastic people you need to get to know and connect with!

Brankica. A Bold, outspoken blogger from Live Your Love. Brankica’s top article at Blog Engage has earned 26 votes and is called “How to lose reputation as a blogger and get banned the easy way“.

Ileane. Friendly and popular, Ileane blogs at Basic Blog Tips. Ileane’s top article has earned 49 votes! You can find it here “Build an Online Profile for your Blog with Retaggr“.

Alex Whalley. Intelligent and funny, Alex teaches people how to Build, Rank and then Profit at Alex’s top post has earned 26 votes, “4 essential free tools to make your blogging life easier“.

FionaBosticky. Fiona is creative marketing genius. Her blog can be found at Fiona’s top post at Blog Engage is “Blog Commenting: Commentluv, Disqus or IntenseDebate” which has 25 votes!

AlisonMooreSmith. Perhaps one of the most prolific members of Blog Engage Alison has 167 published stories! Her website sets up blogs and is called Alison’s top Blog Engage post at 31 votes is “Develop an editorial calendar, 31 days to a better blog“.

JeevanJacobJohn. Jeevan is a young blogger from His original articles have got him published 40 times at Blog Engage, and his top article with 22 votes is “Are you ready to publish your article?

DanaLingga. Dana from, is very active at Blog Engage and has shared some fantastic articles with readers there. Dana’s top post “Facebook and Telecommunication gadget” snagged 30 votes.

John is a money making blogger with some great tips. His blog features some fantastic blogging advice. John’s top Blog Engage submission is “Keep Your Blog Readers Stuck To Your Blog like Jelly on your fingers” which has earned 34 votes to date.

BankerRahul. Rahul is a student who authors, his best posts offer some great blogging advice including his top Blog Engage article with 25 votes “How To Stay Focused While Blogging“.

Alvin always techy and offering up great tech articles at His top Blog Engage article has 22 votes “Why Facebook Email will not be a gmail killer“.

Gabriele offers up web innovations and services at his website His top Blog Engage submission is “7 Simple and Effective Ways to Promote your new Blog Post“, which has earned 26 votes.

KimJCastleberry. Kim is the brain behind an internet marketing blog. Kim’s most popular article at Blog Engage is “Can You Help me Find the dofollows” which has 29 votes thus far.

DSharkov. Daniel shares content of incredible quality (and is one of my favorite tweeters right now!), his blog reviewzntips features great blogging tips, social media and traffic generation articles. Daniel’s best Blog Engage article is “Keeping Visitors Longer in 5 Easy to follow steps” which has earned 25 votes.

Keasley. Kiesha is the amazing owner of She is incredibly active at Blog Engage and has 177 published stories! Kiesha’s top Blog Engage article with an amazing 38 votes is “Guest Post Rejection: How to Deal

BlazingMinds. Karen is the entertaining British blogger at blazingminds where she offers up blogging tips music and film reviews. Karen’s top Blog Engage submission (and it took me a moment to find as I had to search through 297 published articles!), is an article “The 5 Best Ways to Get Regular Visitors” which has 28 votes.

There are A LOT of other fantastic Blog Engage members, far too many to mention in a single post! If I missed you I’m sorry, there are dozens who have taken the time to vote for my articles and I greatly appreciate that. As bloggers we must all support and promote one another! We can all grow our blogs together. Thanks all! Till next time.

Editors note: In case anyone bothers to count there are only 14 users here. The original article contained 15 users but one Blog Engage member was removed for spamming the network. Ah well.