five professionals that need a quality phone systemIf the concept of a business phone system brings to mind a chain-smoking bank of operators plugging and unplugging wires into a massive switchboard, you’re in for a surprise. That’s because today’s phone systems have revolutionized the way we do business.

Not sure if the latest telephone systems are right for you? Here are five modern professionals who shouldn’t be without one.

When you or your employees have to travel, your mobile phone can be converted into an extension of the office phone system, even including call-handling features. By setting up your mobile number with a business phone system, you no longer have to provide a list of contact numbers for customers or clients to work their way through. One number does it all.

In addition, if your business has satellite offices or branch locations, workers can go into any location and log into your phone system, just as they would with a computer terminal. In doing so, they instantly have access to the full functionality of the system.

Office Employee
With an ever-increasing focus on low-cost productivity, a modern phone system provides desk-bound employees all the communication tools necessary for the fast and efficient handling of customer service and order processing. The easy, unified interface allows workers to manage conferencing, collaborate with co-workers and may even include messaging and IM capabilities.

Popular for the convenience they provide, customer information and other company data is always within arm’s reach.

In the past 20 years, the need for a staff of operators has been economized down to one person. And this individual is often responsible for handling the calls related to a number of different businesses – a task that would be impossible without the advanced features of a business phone system.

Providing customer data and even a unique greeting prompt for each company, the data provided through an IP system enables the quick and efficient routing of calls. This ensures that customers are able to reach the right person without having to wade through extensive automated menus.

Customer Service Rep
The future of customer service is in unified communications. The wealth of information available through modern phone systems enables your customer service department to provide better service – and more. It can also gauge their own time and productivity by monitoring the number of calls in a queue.

In addition, if there are no calls waiting, agents can spend additional time with the current caller, boosting both customer satisfaction and upselling additional goods and services. Plus, browser-based systems also enable your customer service reps to log in anywhere in the world, broadening the scope of your service to any location that has Internet access.

Not everyone has to brave the daily commute. In fact, some continuously strive to avoid it to save money or for health reasons. Nevertheless, the contribution of these individuals is often no less than the average employee.

That’s where telephone systems come into play.

Modern telephone systems enable them to stay in touch with your business for a single low-cost plan while providing them the freedom to work efficiently and creatively anywhere in the world. As an employer, this is where the cost benefit of a modern system really benefits; you can still hire the best employees… whether they live on the next block or across the country!

Not every business needs a high-tech telecommunications setup. However, these professionals do need advanced features that today’s phone systems easily offer. These employees need accessibility, compatibility, and a system that can help improve their productivity. Today’s modern phone systems do just that.