Memberships, RSS, Blog EngageMany of you know how much I appreciate the Blog Engage community. To this point in 2011 Blog Engage is my six highest referrer, and visitors from Blog Engage have an incredibly low bounce rate of 42%. Traffic from Blog Engage is also consistent, in 2010 it was also my sixth highest referrer with a bounce rate of 44%. If you’re not yet a member of blog engage but want to drive quality traffic to your blog, then what are you waiting for? I really want to emphasize the key in the traffic I receive from Blog Engage, it is quality. Visitors from Blog Engage stay longer, comment more, and convert into more sales then any other visiting source (based on percentages).

Expand the reach of Your Blog

Now I want to use this article to let you know how you can expand your reach to Blog Engage and beyond with their newly launched Blog Engage RSS Service. If you’re like me and you spend any time submitting articles to social networks then you’ll be aware of how much time it can suck out of your day and the development of your blog. In fact I’m even confident that the time required to submit your articles and promote your blog if done manually is so great that it has the potential to kill your blog! I’ve even been burned out by social media and the extent to which it can steal ones time and focus.

Save Time, Build Your Traffic, Increase Your Revenue

Everyone wants more traffic (you just never have enough do you?), well with the Blog Engage RSS Service you’re sure to drive more traffic to your blog. Let me tell you what the service offers for literally the lowest price I’ve found anywhere in internet marketing products.

For as low as $1.99 per month the benefits of this service are incredible. One of the primary benefits is probably the time it will save you. As your presence on the web grows your time becomes more valuable. Anyone who starts becoming successful will tell you that outsourcing your marketing and promotion tasks is a priority if you intend to be successful online. Blog Engage is also a google adsense revenue sharing community, which means when your articles are submitted to Blog Engage you will earn a percentage (or a full 100%) of revenue from adclicks on your submissions. I’m aware of more than a few bloggers who are generating enough income from adclicks at Blog Engage to pay for this service in its entirety. Already you’ve got MORE TRAFFIC, more SALES and it has cost you nothing!

What exactly does the service provide?

1. Google Adsense Revenue Sharing.
2. Automatic submission of all future blog articles.
3. Automatically fills in the title, description and tags.
4. Automatic hourly or daily updates searching for your blogs new content.
5. Automatically submit one or multiple articles per RSS Feed Update.
6. One free vote with all RSS Feed articles submissions.
7. Do follow backlinks from every submitted blog article.
8. Create your blog profile and start building brand awareness immediately.
9. Automatically tweeted, automatically posted to facebook.
10. The submitted content is syndicated to the Blog Engage portfolio of social media websites such as blogserp, bloggerink, topblogged and bloggertag.

Services Like This Don’t Come Around Every Day

Most people outsourcing their blog promotion needs, should expect to pay a premium price for submission of their content. Some people pay as much as $1 per article or more average is $20 to $30 for about 100 social submissions. The quality of these submissions is always debatable. Blog Engage on the other hand is an established service with a portfolio of additional social media websites. As a subscriber to the Blog Engage RSS Service whenever you write an article it is automatically submitted to at least five social networks providing you with SEO and OTHER benefits. Every article you write gets tasty do follow backlinks. You will rank higher in the SERPs, your reader base will grow, your traffic increases. So what are you waiting for? Find out more and sign up today at the link below… tell them, Daniel sent you! 🙂

Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage