The past month has been a hectic one for myself, and culminated in a physical move to a new (and much better) house for me and my family. Some of my faithful info carnivore readers may have noticed a decline in my web presence and published articles to the blog. I hope you can understand that the demands of life and family take precedence over my internet life! BUT, we are now moved and getting settled in our new abode. And if life goes according to plan (hahaha), I should be able to get back in the blogging flow soon. I appreciate all those who took time to retweet, comment, promote or otherwise engage with me during the last few busy weeks. I also apologize to those I’ve been unable to respond to or connect with.

I’ve had suggestions thrown to me for some posts, and there should be some new quality articles coming soon. Sometimes one must challenge themselves to stay motivated and focused! If you have any ideas or requests for posts, please throw them at me right away. Thanks, and happy blogging.

Daniel Snyder