google true view and its affect on marketersIn 2010, Google introduced TrueView Ads, an advertising enhancement that at the time, harnessed the power of popular video sharing site YouTube. Back then it was touted as a test format with an uncertain future. 2010 came to a close, 2011 came along, and little was heard about the promising new ad format. That is until recently. Google has made TrueView Ads official, and according to early assessments, it has a lot to offer both advertisers and viewers. In this article, we will take an in depth look at Google’s advertising format and what it could mean for marketers.

Power to the People

TrueView Ads is an ad format available to marketers in Google’s video publishing network. While they aim to meet the same goals of engaging, driving traffic, and generating conversions, these ads differ greatly from what you get with your typical display ads. The biggest difference with TrueView is that it allows the viewer to actually decide whether they want to watch the content or not. If they find the ad appealing, they can stick with it to see where it leads. They can also choose from a selection of other advertisements, or skip an ad altogether. It is truly a revolutionary concept with game changing implications.

According to Google, marketers can pay for TrueView Ads on a CPV basis. Short for Cost Per View, CPV is similar to the Cost Per Click or CPC payment model. With CPC, you only pay when users click on your ads. CPV calls for you to pay whenever someone watches your ads. So if someone chooses to skip over your content, that moment of engagement will count as an impression, but not a view, which is obviously what you are driving for here.

Stepping Up Your Game

TrueView Ads is an interesting concept for sure, but it does put more pressure than ever on the marketer. If you want people to take action, you must create advertisements that are engaging enough for them to not only give you their attention, but stay tuned and focused on your content. It is really a situation where you cannot afford to slack off because a half hearted effort will likely result in failure. Whether it is getting no views or getting no conversions, slacking off is not going to produce good results. If this thing takes off, marketers will definitely need to put an emphasis on creating interactive video ads that deliver.

In today’s digital landscape, marketers must stay up to date with cutting edge technologies and make use of the tools that will enable them to gain a leg up on the competition. Brands have been utilizing advertising solutions for years and with the introduction TrueView, Google has given us a clear view of where the display ad game is headed. The jury is still out on this one but for now, it certainly appears to be heading in the right direction.