great affiliate marketing niche sites to learn fromMy focus in 2011 has shifted from blogging for income (since I really don’t believe the average person can make enough money to justify the hours invested in a blog) to building niche sites and developing a passive income stream with affiliate marketing. To celebrate this shift in focus, since I’m very confident it is a good thing, I’d like to share with you some fantastic internet marketing / affiliate marketing websites that are valuable resources for learning how to build a niche site. If you are interested in breaking into the niche website market, and learning to build your own niche sites then these blogs are must visits. Not only do these blogs feature amazing content, they are also all run by awesome people! Do you want to learn to build a niche site? Then the resources below are for you.
Alex Whalley the Australian mastermind behind Build Rank and Profit offers up niche site advice at his site I have learned a great deal from Alex as he presents information in an informative and humorous way, his writing style is incredibly engaging, and he clearly knows what he is talking about. With over 21 money making niche sites under his belt, you can be assured Alex is speaking from an experienced and educated point of view. I recently interviewed Alex and you can read that interview, here. I have learned more about building a niche site from Alex than anyone else.
Lisa Irby at 2 Create a Website dot com teaches us how to build a site and build success. Lisa is the author of The Perfect Site Guide, and is a successful niche site owner and internet marketer. Her 2 create a website blog offers articles related to creating, promoting and monetizing blogs and websites. Lisa’s blog offers a lot of advice for up and coming bloggers and marketers. From traffic generation to making money online you’ll find a lot of valuable information to help jump start your new website.
Elise’s is a flamboyant marketer from eastern Canada who teaches us “out of the box” ideas on smart eMarketing and trendy technology. Elise is a video blogger and her vlogs are both entertaining and educational. Visit her site at Elise offers up excellent marketing pieces including this one “Would you promote an affiliate product like this?”. Elise is a real person! 🙂 She openly admits to being weird and has this to say on her blog about marketing, “Screw the “guru” status in this over-hyped industry. Many of them lie and cheat their way to the top, charge ridiculous amounts of money for mediocre products, and never end up telling you the whole story. I’m not a guru, and I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. Instead, I’ll show you truly “out of the box” stuff and give it a slap of my own colourfully opinionated and often “weird” personality and sense of humor.” I have found Elise’s blog to be a refreshing oasis in the world of online marketing.
Rick LaPoint teaches us the real world of selling and how it works at his blog Internet Marketing. Rick is an experienced marketer and is confident that he can help you achieve your goals in Business, Selling, and Internet marketing. Rick has been around for a while (and his blog archives demonstrate that, though the site also looks like it was designed in the 1980’s, hahaha, no offense Rick!). Rick’s blog focuses on some key topics when it comes to building a money making affiliate website, including how to increase Your Traffic, SEO, Selling methods, and niche marketing.
Attraction Marketing Online with Mavis Nong. The Attraction Marketing blog is all about sharing fundamental, effective and cutting-edge strategies and tips that you can implement right away to grow YOUR business! One of Mavis’s top posts is her Attraction Marketing Success Formula exposed, a must read.
Pat teaches us how to make a passive income online from his own experiences (both successes and failures!), his blog is a transparent window into his world from being laid off, to growing his own online marketing empire where he now generates a full-time living online.

Where are you learning about internet marketing / affiliate marketing?

There are a whole lot of fantastic blogs that are teaching us how to be successful with affiliate marketing and how to build niche sites. Where are you learning? Share your resources with us here in the comments! If you own a niche website, be sure to leave the link for us in your comments. I have found that visiting other successful niche websites and modeling my sites after what I’m seeing is a great way to learn and step to success.

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