using facebook lists instructions guide how toThis post will teach you how to use facebook lists to control your privacy! I’ve been using facebook for years, primarily to connect with friends and family, but I recently decided to expand my facebook account to include online friends, and work colleagues and acquaintances. The reason I’d in the past hesitated on doing this is because I didn’t feel comfortable with anyone and everyone I added as a facebook friend being able to see all my content. I’d never considered using facebook lists, and wasn’t aware of the control one can have with facebook’s privacy options. This post gives simple instructions on how to create lists of friends (such as acquaintances, work colleagues, online friends etc.) and give them specific permissions to see or NOT see parts of your profile. Perhaps you want to have a list for all the ‘friends’ you work with, but you’re not ready for them to see all your photos, or ready for them to see your status updates. No problem! With facebook lists and their customizable privacy options you can do this.

Here’s how to set it up!

How To Use Facebook Lists to give certain friends special permissions or restrictions!

Step 1. Click on account and Edit Friends.

Step 2. We’re going to click create a list. And then give that list a name and start picking people we want to be on that list. In this example I create a list called “Work Acquaintances“.

Create a List - Facebook control privacy Once you’ve created the list and added the ‘friends’ you want on that list, you can now set special permissions for that list in your privacy controls.

Step 3. Head up to account and then privacy settings.

Step 4. You must be using custom settings for your privacy, and then you will click on customize settings. (Bottom left)

Facebook Customize Settings Privacy

Step 5. After clicking on ‘customize settings‘ you can see all the options you have based on the information that you share. For instance you can click on ‘Interested and Looking For’ and set those settings very specifically. You can determine who to make it visible to, and also who to individually hide it from. Or you can add an entire list to the hide section. Just type the first couple letters of your list and it will come up.

Facebook Customize Settings Privacy Hide From Friends

You have now effectively hidden your ‘interested and looking for‘ information from your work acquaintances. This can be applied in the same way to any list, any friends, anything you might share! Was this information helpful? Are you using facebook lists already? Are you going to make modifications to your facebook privacy settings now? Join the conversation and let others know how this works out for you with comments on this dofollow blog! If you’ve just now learned How To Use Facebook Lists to control your privacy tell us! If you like this post, then become our fan on facebook!