Self-driving cars seem more like something you’d see on “The Jetsons” than a real technology of our day and age. Nevertheless, we might be driving alongside self-driving cars in the not-too-distant future.

Google is already privately testing self-driving vehicle technology, and British officials have come forward saying that self-driving cars could be on British roadways for further testing as soon as next year. Even more amazing, some of these vehicles won’t even have human supervision! If you thought flying drones weren’t astounding enough, just wait till we’re living amongst driving ones.

Thankfully, self-driving cars are set to be one of the biggest revolutions in driving safety since the seatbelt. Industry professionals are predicting that they’ll reduce collisions, improve highway safety, and prevent vehicle related injuries by a huge margin.

Check out the graphic below to get the full scoop.

self-driving-cars-IG-2 small