Can a computer beat Jeopardy grand champions at the complex trivia game? We are about to find out. In 2007 IBM Research began creating Watson, a data analytics and natural language processing computer, with the goal to have Watson compete on Jeopardy. When asked “Why Jeopardy”, IBM’s response is clear and concise, “The game of Jeopardy! makes great demands on its players — from the range of topical knowledge covered to the nuances in language employed in the clues. Can the analytical power of a computer system — normally accustomed to executing precise requests — overcome these obstacles? Can the troves of knowledge written in human terms become easily searchable by a machine in order to deliver a single, precise answer? Can a quiz show help advance science?”

“IBM is not in the entertainment business. But we are in the business of technology and pushing frontiers.” – David Shepler
IBM Research Program Manager