The delicious culinary accent of fresh herbs doesn’t have to be limited to the summer growing months. And no, the solution to getting fresh herbs year round isn’t sitting in the produce section of your supermarket’s shelves. You can easily grow herbs indoors. Eaten fresh or preserved through drying or freezing, there’s just something about homegrown herbs that the grocery store can’t touch.

Are you interested in growing some herbs of your own? Great! Just find a sunny spot in your home, gather your potting supplies, and dive into the list below.


Basil is one of the easiest and tastiest herbs to cultivate indoors. Plus, it looks and smells delightful when placed on a sunny kitchen windowsill.

There are many varieties of basil to choose from, practically all of which do well inside. Popular varieties include Thai basil, Italian basil, genovese basil, and sweet basil.


This one might surprise you. Rosemary is traditionally grown outdoors because of its large, bushy character. However, when well trimmed, it can easily be grown indoors as well. Rosemary is a delicious and fragrant herb that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

To properly cultivate rosemary indoors, be sure to use a slightly larger pot and keep a watchful eye on new growth. The plant should be trimmed to make a small round shrub, which can be picked from when needed.


A favorite botanical to pair with rosemary, thyme is another fantastic herb to garden with indoors. It can be grown from seed or cutting (growing from a cutting is much easier), and it produces flavorful foliage quite quickly. Like most herbs, thyme does best when planted in a high drainage soil and watered semi regularly.


This one is a classic. Parsley can be found in dishes across the ethnic spectrum. From Greek tabouli salad to garnishing in classic American fare, parsley can bring subtle freshness to a huge number of different dishes.


This last herb is definitely the easiest of all to grow indoors. All mint varieties are extremely hardy and can withstand a ton of abuse. Plus, they grow like wildfire, so you’ll never run out of mint leaves for your homemade desserts and cocktails.

More indoor gardening…

Interested in learning more ways to grow tasty edibles in the comfort of your own home? Regardless of the season? Check out the graphic below for tips, tricks, and inspiration you can use for your own indoor gardening project!


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