info carnivore review top 10 of 2010May 2010 saw the birth of info carnivore. Originally launched as ‘information carnivore’ a blog full of random information, it soon evolved into an information security blog, and shortly after that developed into what it is today. (Read a little more about developing a niche blog.) A collection of inspiring technology articles focused on the topics of social media, info security and blogging about blogging. As of mid January 2011 info carnivore is now just under 9 months old. 2011 is looking to be an exciting year full of fantastic articles injected with inspiration and opinion. I’m very proud of the community that has developed at info carnivore in the last nine months, and am grateful for all who have taken the time to comment!

Top 10 articles (based on pageviews) at info carnivore during 2010, our first year on the web.

10. AVG 2011 Antivirus review.

9. Daniel’s TOP Free antivirus picks for 2010.

8. Twitter guide: Do you tweet more than you should?

7. Block Telemarketers and keep your privacy with Google Voice.

6. Why I NEVER retweet @mashable.

5. China orders foreign computer security software out!

4. Is Google ditching PageRank?

3. Amazing i7 hackintosh build video.

2. The Best (and worst) social networks for bloggers.

1. Defeated: The backdoor.tdss.565 rootkit.

Interestingly enough the most read article is instructions on how to deal with one of the most malicious malware threats to ever exist. It seems a lot of people fought the tdss rootkit valiantly and found a little help through this post here at info carnivore. Proving once again that ‘how-to’ articles are the best types of posts a blogger can write! I’d also like to acknowledge those that took the time to comment at info carnivore in 2010, there are many who left comments (1615 comments to be exact!), here is some link love for the top 10 commenters last year.

Top 10 Commenters at info carnivore during 2010.

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In 2011 I’m looking to publish more guest posts (if you are interested CLICK HERE), and focus into more technology articles. I’d also like to continue writing regularly about blogging, SEO, internet marketing, and information security. If you have any post suggestions or requests please let me know! Some of my best articles have come from ideas submitted by you. Thank you for helping make info carnivore successful!