I love the internet. But, oh the internet can be so annoying. Here are my top 5 internet pet-peeves. What bugs you online?

online pet peeves

My top 5 Internet pet peeves.

1. Websites that play music, or auto start video! Really, there is nothing more annoying than this.

2. Facebook pokes. I don’t get it, what are we accomplishing here?

3. You can like, but you can’t dislike. What? I know it’s good to be positive, but that’s a little one-sided. (Click like on this post if you agree.)

4. Mis-tagged images. Google images is a handy tool, but what’s with the porn in my search for ‘twitter logos’?

5. MSN. I ditched hotmail long ago. MSN’s frontpage is like a tabloid.

So, let’s hear from you. What annoys you on the web?