follow friday is dead on info carnivore - follow friday deadIs Follow Friday dead? Is the twitter phenom #FollowFriday worth you time and energy? Do you spend time each and every Friday compiling a list of those tweeps you love and want to honor by giving them the friendly #FollowFriday hashtag shout out?

If you don’t quite know what #FollowFriday is then you may just be one of the lucky ones. Why? After being a faithful #FollowFriday recommender for the past 9 months I’ve decided to abandon my commitment to #FollowFriday and am declaring here that Follow Friday is dead. Of course this is my opinion and since I’m not the official twitter trendsetter I don’t imagine the proliferation of the #FollowFriday hashtag will be disappearing from our twitter streams anytime soon.

Is Follow Friday dead? What’s the point?

Have you ever considered the value of #FollowFriday if any? It’s popular enough to have it’s own website which claims that it can rank the most recommended tweeps in the twitterverse. What!? Yeah, if you get a whole ton of mentions with the #FF or #FollowFriday hashtag embedded in them, you can discover your own ranking. Does this mean anything? No… pretty much nothing. In fact, I get a whole lot of #FollowFriday recommendations every week, it goes up and down, and they are certainly friendly shouts and nice ways of being acknowledged on twitter. But those mentions are certainly not accomplishing anything, which brings me to the ultimate question is Follow Friday dead? And if it is, why do I think that? Of course Follow Friday is not totally dead, but it isn’t exactly a useful use of your time either.

A recent look at my twitter account (@danielsnyder1) on shows that I gained a whopping new ONE follower this past week. How it is concluding that, that particular user decided to follow me because of a #FollowFriday tweet I have no idea…

Friday is just another day

follow friday is dead on info carnivore - follow friday deadBut over the past nine months I’ve paid attention to Friday’s particularly and invested a lot of time in tweeting out friendly recommendations to my twitter friends who I appreciate and am interested in. In fact I’ve always used the Follow Friday Helper website to determine who I am interacting with the most. My conclusion is that Friday’s tend to be one of the days when there is a lot going on but not a lot really happening. Does that make any sense? I seem to gain the least number of new followers on Friday as opposed to ANY other day of the week. Friday is also a day that my website seems to experience a little less traffic then other days.

My conclusion: Is Follow Friday dead?

I think that the #FollowFriday recommendations have been done enough, to the point of being insanely overdone. It’s become the status quo and for that reason those tweets are largely ignored, and actually they’ve become annoying. Though I may not be an officially appointed twitter trendsetter, I do plan on becoming one in this regard. My final declaration on the question is Follow Friday dead? YES IT IS, well, at least for me.

As a special goodbye I’d like to mention that my FINAL #FollowFriday mention went out to @lavenderuses my good friend from down under Patricia who is the most faithful blog commenter ever! If perchance you are a good friend of mine, or a loyal follower please don’t be offended if you don’t see me mentioning you on Friday’s anymore… I simply can’t bring myself to do it, as special as you are! 🙂

So, add your thoughts, plead your case, or let us know if you’re done with #FollowFriday as well, come on and let our info carnivore readers know what you think about the ultimate question to life the universe and everything else like #FollowFriday… for had I gained 42 followers today, perhaps I would not be asking is follow Friday dead?