Viruses are never ending in the PC realm. For me, I find this quite entertaining. There is nothing quite like tackling a stubborn virus, and the satisfaction that comes with defeating it. Ah, the joy of viruses. Often people suggest getting a Mac (Since they don’t yet have the same level of malicious threats), but where would be the fun in that? I love dealing with malware.

Recently however I was almost defeated by a variant of the TDSS Backdoor which was discovered on a computer I was hired to repair. This was one slippery rootkit and I almost gave up. Thankfully, patience, a little help on the geeks to go forum, and a whole lot of tools (malware bytes, otl, combofix, hijackthis etc…) and I managed to erradicate the @$@!.

If you need help dealing with a malware issue, feel free to contact me, give me the details.

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