wp-malwatchHackers are always on the lookout for vulnerable websites. It is important to keep your wordpress blog up-to-date and protected. Improving WordPress blog security requires a combination of vulnerability detection, attack blocking, and scanning. I recently discovered WP-MalWatch which is a useful and effective WordPress security plugin. This simple to install and use plugin scans your wordpress blog on a nightly basis and alerts blog owners of potential malware or other evidence that might show their blog has been compromised.

I was particularly impressed with the nice widget this throws on your dashboard, which provides details and a quick synopsis letting you know the status of your blog. Good news is my most recent scan says that “my blog is clear of signs of malware“.

WP-MalWatch supports:

  • Scanning the Uploads directory for PHP files. (symlink friendly)
  • Scan entire installs for multiple .HTACCESS files (symlink friendly)
  • Dashboard Widget
  • Report Page

Download here or check out their website.

What’s your thoughts on blog security? Leave a comment, perhaps you use other plugins and or software. Opinions and ideas are encouraged here.

download WP-MalWatch