Rarely does a week goes by that one of my facebook friends doesn’t end up posting a status update that goes something like this “if anyone sends me any more farmville crap I’m going to burn your crops and kill your animals” (That’s an excerpt from a real status update I saw the other day!) Well, I thought I’d let everyone know with a quick blog post that there is a way to efficiently and permanently block all those kinds of applications…

block farmville

For your assistance, here’s a quick tutorial with screenshots.

1.Go to the top right of your facebook page, and click on ACCOUNT, then click on PRIVACY SETTINGS.

facebook privacy settings 1

2. The next screen that appears will have a bunch of information on it, but all you need to pay attention to is what is in the bottom left… Click on Edit your Settings.

facebook privacy 2 block farmville

3.All you have to do is click on turn off all platform applications. Of course there may be some applications you don’t want to block, in that case you can be selective by clicking the link above it and sorting through that which you want to permanently block and that which you want to keep.

facebook privacy 3 block farmville forever

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