original blog postI love it when a blog post makes me laugh. I recently read an original blog post titled “do not write about any of these subjects or I will kill a kitten“, great post title! Of course after reading a title like that I had to read the article. The blogger entertained us with his rant about how he hangs out on Blog Engage and is tired of seeing posts on a variety of blogging about blogging topics as he says “the same old crap rehashed again and again, with nothing new to say. So don’t you dare write about this crap, or the kitten gets it.

The types of posts that he has become intolerant of included things like, How to use social networks to promote the crap you post on your blog, How to engage your readers and get them to leave comments, the Benefits of guest posting, Promoting your blog through blog comments, etc. etc… I suppose the blogosphere is full up of posts about things like this and there is no more space left for unoriginal post ideas. It is time for us bloggers to come up with original ideas only, please.

If Only Life Were Like That

But unfortunately for the most part there is nothing purely original. Now I’m not big fan of cats, in fact I’m allergic, and I can’t stand them… so don’t see this post as me trying to protect a sweet little kitten. In fact as far as my input goes… whatever, get rid of the kitten. If I can add another blog post to the blogosphere that will help keep kittens far away from me, I probably will. So feel free to check out any of my posts, like my recent one on “The Best and Worst Social Networks for Bloggers” or “How to be an engager on twitter“. These are the type of posts that seem to infuriate the kitten killing blogger.

Do you really think that a blogger can’t rehash an already done idea and create an original blog post, with an original line of thought? The web and blogosphere is constantly changing, evolving, developing. New ideas are abundant, daily! We have to expand on what has already been said and done, and add our own thoughts, our own angles, our own opinions and ideas. This is the essence of blogging, sharing what you’re learning, what has worked or isn’t working for you.

No more Burger Joints, please.

I suppose when a new burger joint springs up, we should all start threatening to kill cats! Can’t they come up with an original idea? There is already McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and a zillion others… I can’t believe someone would have the audacity to think they could be successful with an idea that’s already been done. Admittedly the author of the kitten killing post has a sense of humor, and expected to generate some controversy with his post as he ended it by requesting for “angry retorts below, please.” I wonder if he is really that frustrated by all the posts that don’t seem to be original, he did seem a little bitter. I left a short comment on his blog, but got no response.

What are your thoughts? Are you totally fed up with cliched posts and rehashed ideas? Do you like the variety and input of bloggers when they inject their own thought and opinion into posts that have already been written?

PS. I would never harm any animals, cats and kittens included.