permission marketing a winning formulaRunning an SEO business is a difficult task as such a business is based online, there are a lot of rival businesses to contend with, and it is difficult to find potential buyers for your service. It is imperative that you keep yourself updated regarding the latest business techniques, so you can hook more leads and expand your business. Two such techniques, business card marketing and permission marketing, when combined, offer a winning formula that is sure to help your business grow.

Business Card Marketing

Business cards have your name, the name of your business and your contact number on them. They also have the URL of your website printed on them. They can be delivered to potential customers via electronic means like through email or even by hand, so that they can contact you if they are ever in need of your services.

Business card marketing is important because it helps you create a good first impression. A business card, when done rightly, can compel a potential customer to buy your service. Be sure to put in some effort into designing a good business card. Also, the website a lead will be directed to on reading your business card should be attractive, and should contain authentic information, a few testimonials, a brief description of your business and a summary of your services are ideal.

Once a potential client contacts you, you can move onto the next step that is Permission Marketing.

Permission Marketing

All internet users are bombarded with unwanted email, or spam, on a daily basis. Not only do these emails make tall claims and offer information that can only be termed as minimal and misleading, but they also waste the reader’s time.

If you promote your business through newsletters and other similar services, make sure that you have the person’s permission before you send him, or her, your newsletter. If your website offers subscription based services, allow your subscribers to customize the kind of information they regularly receive. Make sure the information is genuine and worth something to your potential buyer. You should also, very subtly, promote your business when you send your newsletter or update your blog.

Your reputation is everything because you are operating an SEO business, and a single dissatisfied customer can wreak havoc on your portfolio. If you send a potential buyer a thousand (irritating) emails about your service, you have yourself someone who is very dissatisfied. On the other hand, a quality newsletter can gently persuade a potential customer to opt in for your services.

I personally run a coupon blog that shares vistaprint promotions and promotional code for ps prints with my readers. When I started to promote my blog through direct emails at the very beginning, I didn’t provide valuable information for my readers. As a result, I started losing my subscribers until a fellow internet marketer friend of mine suggested that I should market via email but with a twist of permission marketing. Guess what happened? My subscribers became loyal visitors of my blogs, started believing in my words and even buying from me!

Permission marketing is nothing but marketing your business after asking for a potential client’s approval for the same. It lets you add a personal touch to your marketing. Even so, it may be difficult for you to find potential customers for your service. But once you have found a customer, you can keep him hooked for a long time with your permission marketing strategy!

Communication is the name of the game, so make sure that your interactions with your potential client give him a hundred reasons to buy your service.