iphone 5 fridge magnetsOkay so maybe the iPhone 5 is still a little ways away, that’s okay. There’s a better alternative and it’s NOT prone to freezing. Tonight I discovered these awesome iphone fridge magnets via a friend of mine on facebook. I better not post a link to his facebook profile here, he probably wouldn’t be happy with me. But he and (soon to be myself) is thrilled with his new fridge magnets! Yeah you heard me right iPhone fridge magnets.

Only 2 bars and NO flash!

Now admittedly we have discovered that you just can’t get more than 2 bars pf reception, even if you unplug the fridge wait thirty seconds and then plug it back in. Also the fridge does not come with flash (and never will!), which could be a frustration and deterrent to some. It is possible that if you hold the fridge handle in the right spot you may get more than two bars, but we haven’t found anyone that can confirm this (yet).

Still despite all their shortcomings these pretty little magnets look like a whole lot of fun. I’m willing to bet you can rearrange them pretty fast as well! It’s pretty out of character for me to post a product like this on my blog here at infocarnivore.com, but I couldn’t say NO to these little guys. You’ve got to admit they look like a whole lot of fun, and for me these are one of those “I gotta get that” products. Stupid, I know! Thanks for staying tuned. More inspiring articles to come… but first, check out the iphone fridge magnets.

[amzn_product_inline asin=’B003TFXM26′]