safe returner screen shotSafe Returner is a relatively new anti-malware solution for infected PCs. I must say it is somewhat similar to malwarebytes but does at the same time stand alone. It is a useful and effective anti-malware tool. Packed small, installs quickly, and runs incredibly fast with some unique features. I would recommend this program, as a useful addition to your anti-malware arsenal.

I tried it out recently, and was pleasantly surprised with its effectiveness, and especially its quick scan. It works at a high speed and it covers most types of spyware or adware components. However, the product could offer more details as to the severity information about a given spyware component it found. I did also have some minor issues with the software and definitions update feature, which didn’t run properly the first time. I have registered my version, and a minor pet-peeve is the fact that the “register now” button does not go away, even after you’ve entered your product key. Still these minor nuisances aside, the program is effective.

Safe Returner has built in malware detection heuristics so it is able to detect new and unknown in the wild malware threats even before they are detected by other vendors virus scans and signatures updates. You must of course remember that this is not an antivirus solution. Safe Returner is designed strictly for dealing with PCs that you know are infected already.

Since Autorun malwares have been dominate in 2010, Safe Returner is a fantastic program to have as it deal with Autorun malware effectively. It will quickly show you what programs are configured to run during system bootup. Bottom line, this program works at dealing with malware infected PCs. Like any anti-malware tool, it can not be your only tool, but it’s a great addition.

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