seo for business at info carnivoreEver wondered which SEO services are right for your business? Optimized Landing pages, creating an Authority site? Pay-Per -Click Advertising or Organic Search Engine Optimization? With so many options available, the one-size-fits-all mentality is not applicable for developing a holistic (all encompassing) search engine optimization campaign.

One must be aware that:

  • SEO Services for a New Website
  • SEO Services for an Established Off-Line Brand
  • SEO Services for a Local / National Small Business
  • and SEO Services for Enterprise Clients

all have their own unique challenges, advantages and disadvantages. The following outline depicts the basic components that ensure that each type of client is provided with a clear competitive advantage when it comes to online marketing services and execution tactics based on their needs.

Businesses that deliver anywhere in the country benefit the most from national marketing. If your product or service could be delivered anywhere, then national marketing would help you the most. A great example is software companies, or retail consumer products.

Keyword Strategy for National Marketing

Believe it or not, on a national scale, geo-targeting your keywords will increase your search traffic. People search local. If you sell to consumers in Nashville, even though you are located in Wyoming, targeting your site’s keywords to include Nashville will get better results than leaving the local out of your keywords.

Try searching for your product without a locator in your keywords. Look at the number of website results. Now try the same search with a locator in the keywords. The number of website results will be significantly smaller. It is easier to compete with a few hundred thousand other sites than tens of millions. You can target multiple states and multiple cities. If your website is correctly optimized, you can even change regions at will.

Pay-per-click campaigns are especially important to geo-target. You’ll pay less per click for a targeted keyword than for a general keyword. The general keywords have more people playing, so you have to bid more per click just to get placed in a decent spot.

Besides, there is so much click fraud out there that it would be a shame to pay $10 for a fraudulent click on a national scale than $.50 for a localized click. You reduce budget waste by purchasing less expensive clicks.

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