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Identity Theft and Password Security.

Identity theft and password security. [infographic]

Some stats on Internet Crime

In 2009 the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) Web site received 336,655 complaint submissions. This was a 22.3% increase over 2008. The total dollar loss from all referred cases was $559.7 million with a median dollar loss of $575. One of the more intriguing scams of 2009 was the “Hitman Scam,” a type...

Security trends for 2010 : Be watchful

Social Engineering: A Major concern Social engineering is the act of maneuvering people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. Various web criminals adopt such practices and never come face-to-face with the victim. Therefore, security companies like Symantec has suggested that such practices will surely increase in 2010. Microsoft’s Windows 7 Microsoft’s Windows 7 is the most secure...

The tricks hackers use, and what you can do to foil them.

Some hackers claim they can teach a monkey how to hack in a couple of hours. We asked two hackers, Syke and Optyx (at their request, we are using their hacking pseudonyms rather than their real names), to give us non-simian reporters a demonstration. What we got was a sometimes-frightening view of how easily nearly anyone's...