Blog Engage HeaderThe Blog Engage Community is a social networking site that I’ve recently discovered and am quite impressed with. I decided to share my discovery and thoughts here, with the hope of encouraging other bloggers to check it out. Blog Engage can be described in as few words as its title, a networking site to help bloggers engage with one another. Blog Engage allows bloggers to submit their Blog Article(s) that will be reviewed by members of the community, and based on votes can be promoted to the main page. In a lot of ways Blog Engage is similar to many other popular news/bookmarking /submission sites that may be more familiar to you such as Digg, Sphinn or Reddit. I’m a member of a lot of these types of sites and I use them all regularly both to discover and read blog articles, and also to submit my own. But…

Blog Engage is different, it was created by Brian in 2007 who goes by the online user name of bbrian017, he’s successfully created an environment that helps bloggers promote one another. Blog Engage as you may guess by its very name is quick to engage you, and does a good job at it too. Members appears interested in one another, and are not simply there serving themselves (submitting their own articles, for their own promotion). Commenting, voting up (or down of course), and engaging with other bloggers is key.

I think one of the keys to the effectiveness of blog engage is the very fact that it is a community for bloggers (only people who can prove they have their own blog). Bloggers generally know how important it is to engage, and are aware that it is a two way street. Commenting on other blog posts, and building relationships with other bloggers is critical. Every blogger hopes to generate more comments on their own site, and more of a social environment. Contributing to other blogs is a key! The Blog Engage Community assists in these connections, and encourages comments and the promotion of others.

Blog Engage is also not an overwhelmingly huge community (yet!), its size is at the moment is actually an asset, it shows that the people who are there are serious about it, and are likely to be interested in others who get serious and involved. As a quick example the first post I submitted to blog engage got published to the front page and was voted up 22 times within the first week! The fact that the avatars of people who voted me up are displayed with the post, is another benefit to building relationship. You can quickly and easily find bloggers who like what you have to say, and likely have things in common with you. Check out their blogs, comment on their posts, and in a short matter of time relationships are being built. Relationships that become mutually beneficial, when individuals begin sharing, promoting, tweeting, and linking to your blog (as you do the same for them). Blog Engage requires a personalized profile and avatar, so there is no hiding behind no name or spam accounts.

It’s a community that rewards you, and does a great job at what it says it does… it engages bloggers. I hope you’ll join! If you do, let me know with a comment here, I’ll intentionally look out for your posts, and look forward to voting you up to the front page on Blog Engage!