For many employees, the thought of working from home is heavenly – for others, it’s hellish.

If you’ve been working in an office for years and you crave the freedom and flexibility of your own space, then an at-home office or comfy spot on the couch might sound like a dream. For some however, working from home means you face an onslaught of distractions and temptations, and the quality of your work can suffer.

This infographic created for OnlineDegrees depicts the rise in working from home and the pitfalls for those employees who are no longer tied to a typical office environment.

Some of the major issues they illustrate include the lack of face-to-face interaction, less focus, and decreased accountability. Though these are certainly drawbacks of working at home, there’s a new trend that can offer solutions. Coworking is an emerging industry that offers workers the chance to get out of the house and work among others, but without the constant distractions and annoyances of a traditional workplace.

Check out the infographic below and then decide if working from home is the most productive option for you. Consider coworking spaces in your region for an alternative option on days when you need to get out of the house and get stuff done!