Are you ready to change cities and wondering where you’d thrive the most at your age? Here’s where you should move to next.

From dating, to buying a home, to exploring new job opportunities, at every age people are tackling new milestones in their lives. But does where you live really matter when it comes to how much you’re going to thrive at your specific age? 

TYE Medical recently put together a list of the best cities for each generation to live in, using a variety of generationally specific factors to determine the city rankings. 

The researchers examined various factors to determine a score for the 50 largest U.S. cities, collecting data from the U.S. Census Bureau and other public sources. Based on the age specific factors, they then ranked areas out of a possible “city score” of 25. 

For older Gen Zers, it’s about that time in their lives to seek affordable apartments to rent and find part-time jobs. Based on two factors as well as where the highest concentration of this generation is, the report determined that Salt Lake City is the best place for Generation Z to live in 2021. The Utah capital scored a 20 out of the possible 25 points, ranking high on one bedroom affordability with some of the most part-time jobs openings in the country. 

After Salt Lake City, Riverside, CA (18.1), was the second best city for Generation Z while Atlanta (18.0) trailed closely behind.  And on the other side of the U.S., there are three more top-ranked Generation Z cities in New England, including Hartford, CT, Boston, MA, and Providence, RI. These cities have serious potential for those younger people seeking new opportunities with an affordable cost of living. 

Millennials are in quite a different place in their lives, opting for affordable homes and entry-level job opportunities in cities across the country. But for this generation, Salt Lake City also claimed the number one spot, with a score of 21.4. Washington (20.1), Denver (19.6), and Seattle (19.2) followed closely behind. 

For Generation X, it’s all about upper-level and management jobs, school quality, and where the highest concentration of 41-56 year olds are located. TYE Medical analyzed school systems from US News & World Report to determine the best cities for children to receive their education. They calculated cities with the most schools ranked in the top 25% of school systems. 

Atlanta took the number one spot as the best city for Generation X with a city score of 22.6, scoring highly in open management-level jobs with top notch school systems. San Francisco (21.6), Washington (20.6), and Raleigh (18.6) trailed the Georgia capital with great generational presence. 

Lastly, Baby Boomers were up. For this generation, the researchers analyzed cities with the highest concentration of people born from 1946-1964. For this generation, careers are being left behind as more people jump into retirement and the newest chapter of their lives. More Boomers are seeking tax friendliness for retirees, healthcare availability, and where other older people reside. 

So where should you move if you’re a Baby Boomer? Well, Pittsburgh seems to be a great choice. The Stealer city scored the highest out of any city in the study, with an overall score of 24.5. They had the best healthcare availability of any city, followed by great tax friendliness for retirees and a large concentration of 57-75 year olds. 

Pittsburgh was followed by St. Louis (20.1), Providence (19.8), and Cleveland (19.6) as the best cities for Baby Boomers to live in 2021. 

Did any of these cities surprise you? You can see where your city stacks up on this interactive table