contactlistMobile phone contact lists haven’t changed much since smart phones were introduced to the market.

It’s a shame. The average person’s contact list today is clunky, antiquated, and completely broken. From duplicate entries to caller ID worse than what you’d find on a landline, contact lists have not changed while their smartphone hosts have completely evolved.

What are some issues people encounter today?

Scenario #1

You might have noticed you have numerous “Sarahs” in your phone book but only one is a fully filled out contact that includes first and last name, cell number, email address, and any pertinent notes. It can be tricky to find which is the correct or most-up-to-date version of that contact. Duplicate entries are a pain, but surprisingly common.

Scenario #2

Maybe you’re the type of person who loses their phone regularly, so to be safe, you frequently sync information across several devices.  Every time you sync data between your phone, tablet, and computer, you risk duplicating certain entries. Additionally, when you erase someone on one device, you may find that it doesn’t eliminate that contact across all devices.

Scenario #3

Finally, one common issue is sending an email to the wrong person from your mobile device. Let’s say you’re trying to send an email to your boss, but she shares the same first name as a close friend. It’s all too easy to send off a confidential work document to a pal by mistake. One way to avoid this mishap is to double click the name in the “To” box of the email before sending. This should pull up the full contact information so you can ensure the email address is the correct one.

If you’ve dealt with these issues or similar ones, you’re not alone. Tech can be frustrating.

Check out this HTML5 site by EasyGrouper detailing the problems everyone encounters, the source of the problems, and, most importantly, the solutions:

Don’t deal with a bloated, barely-functional contact list when your mobile device is, in all other respects “top-of-the-line”. Solve these problems today for a better phone experience.