Have you ever wondered what is the most popular and most viewed content on the web? Perhaps you suspect it should be some deeply intellectual articles, some incredible news stories, some of the world’s most popular entertainers? Maybe you would expect the most viewed content on the web to reveal something about our societies and our world? Though the web is a fantastic place for business and relationships and has grown to be centered on social networking the most popular content on the web still reveals that the internet is primarily a place for being entertained.

What is the most viewed YouTube video of all time?

The top four most popular YouTube videos are all music videos! Is it a surprise to you that Justin Bieber is currently holding top spot with over 472 million views on his Baby video featuring Ludacris? Lady Gaga, Shakira and Eminem round out the top four.

youtube most popular 2011 web content

On Digg, what is the most Dugg story of all time?

Digg users show that they believe in themselves with their top four most dugg articles of all time. The top article is basically a petition requesting diggs and expressing frustration with how certain power users are controlling digg. Searches online show that Digg has had articles with over 50,000 diggs but these articles can no longer be found by searching their database. I wonder if some articles were removed or misplaced during the switch over? In any case the top article is now showing 23,197 diggs.

digg most popular content on the web

What is the most bookmarked page on Delicious?

It should come as no surprise that three most bookmarked pages on Delicious are (in order) You Tube, flickr and Facebook. You Tube has been bookmarked more than 89750 times on Delicous! Find out what the top 100 bookmarks on Delicious are by checking out popacular.com

What are the most popular blogs on the web according to Technorati?

Technorati the definitive blog directory and search engine on the web keeps a list of the top 100 global leaders in blogging. Here’s the top 5 at the moment.

technorati top 5 blogs info carnivore

You can find all the blogs that are in the technorati top 100, here.

iTunes top 5 most downloaded songs of all time:

View the rest of the iTunes top 20, here.


cNet shares the top 10 most downloaded applications of the last 10 years:

cNet shares their perspective on the top most downloaded applications of the last 10 years. Many of the programs on their list however are now obsolete, though they were popular in their day they no longer prove valuable. You can view the entire list of cnet’s top 10 downloads of the last 10 years, here. Here’s their top 3:

cnet top 3 downloads of last 10 years

Top 10 most popular facebook pages:

facebook leaderboard top 10 facebook pages

View the entire facebook page leaderboard, here.

Top 10 Most Popular Facebook applications:

facebook application leaderboard

Check out the rest of the facebook application leaderboard, here.

Other articles you may find of interest about some of the most popular content on the web is the list of internet phenomena, and this timeline of popular internet services. What do you think about all this content? Videos you’ve watched? Songs you’ve downloaded, programs you’ve used? Perhaps? Perhaps you think something else should be sitting on top of the world, share your thoughts.