ds3410 fireproof safe reviewMany of my regular readers know that I advocate for computer security, home security, and privacy on a regular basis. Attached to that is my aggressive passion to encourage everyone everywhere to have a fireproof safe in their homes. Not only is a home safe a wise investment for protecting valuables, but also for key personal documents such as passports, mortgage papers, insurance policies, family photos etc.

If you don’t yet have a fireproof safe in your home, then I want to encourage you to make 2012 the year you purchase and install a safe. Whether your focus is anti-theft, or protecting documents from fire or flood there is a fireproof safe for you. There are literally dozens of types of safes offering all sorts of levels and types of protection so take the time to research which safe would be right for you (An informative read is this article on home safes, a buyers guide to fireproof safes).

A Trustworthy and Affordable Safe

For the purpose of this article however I am going to personally review a safe that is both trustworthy and affordable. the SentrySafe DS3410.

The SentrySafe DS3410 has been a long time best seller at Amazon, and has been consistently rated 5 stars because it fits the basic needs of consumers who want peace of mind, anti-theft and fire protection at an affordable price. I recently purchased the SentrySafe DS3410 from Amazon, the experience was positive and easy. A key element I was looking for in a fireproof safe was the ability to bolt it down. Since a thief will not take the time to fiddle with a safe in your house their logical course of action is to take the safe with them.

The DS3410 offers UL classified 1 hour proven fire-protection. (Essentially meaning that a fire can burn at incredibly hot temperatures right around the safe for up to 1 hour and the items inside will remain protected, since most fires pass through an area rapidly and temperatures drop off, 1 hour is considered reliable protection). This safe is also rated for storage of CDs, DVDs, USB keys and other items for data storage (Rated up to 1700 degrees!) The safe is accessed via a 3 number combination and tubular key lock. The key and dial have been user friendly to me, and work every time without any problems.

Sentry Safe DS3410 review, why I bought it

The main reason I purchased this safe was the combination of both FIRE and THEFT protection and the ability to bolt it down. A lot of fireproof safes do not really offer any anti-theft protection (especially the smaller SentrySafes which could easily be picked up and run off with). At the same time a fair amount of anti-theft safes do not really offer any fire protection. Though there is a large variety of safes available that offer both the majority of them come in at a price point far above the SentrySafe DS3410. For what it offers this is the best safe for the money. If you want to know more you can read some details and see some pictures here, Sentry Safe DS3410or just go straight to Amazon and buy it now (aff. link).

Are you using a fireproof or anti-theft safe yet?

I’d be curious to hear your experiences with a safe. I’ve heard too many stories from people who only got a safe afterthey experienced disaster or theft. Don’t let that happen to you. Have you been proactive and purchased a safe for your home yet?