Information Carnivore… What’s that mean? What’s this blog supposed to be about anyway? I guess that’s the primary question I’ve asked myself since registering the domain name, and beginning to post & build a collection of, uh ‘what’ exactly? Some sort of information for certain… that is clearly the key. But the web is full of content, and information is something most of us are overloaded on. So what kind of information exactly?

Yeah, I’m a trivia, and a news junkie (News 1130 is pretty much on non-stop in my car), I follow TIME on twitter, as well as MACLEANS MAG. These days I get the majority of my news from twitter. I seek for minutiae (From Late Latin mintiae, petty details, small or trivial details), so collecting stories from around the web that fit this random category of trivia and information is part of the goal I suppose. Blogging on my hobbies, and interests is also a goal: chess, books, movies, family & relationships , technology, psychology, history, Christianity. These are a few of the things I’d like this blog to focus on. Right now however, I’m trying to figure out exactly how to focus it. If you have some ideas, I could use them! I appreciate input, and love people who contribute as opposed to those who just consume. I wonder if anyone has read this?