speak up blog blogging voice start bloggingHow often have I talked with individuals about blogging and am responded to with a sarcastic and negative disposition, “why would anyone want to listen to me? What have I got to say?” Are you a blogger and you’ve experienced this. In that case you already know that despite how arrogant it may sound to some your thoughts are valuable. If you’re not blogging yet than this may come as a surprise but your opinion is valuable, and there are a lot of people out there who are be willing to listen. You do have something to offer, and you need to continue to speak up and stay on track! This brief post will discuss some general characteristics of bloggers and some things to look out for as you travel on the bloggers to journey to success.

Bloggers are Leaders

If you are a blogger or are considering starting a blog, I already know something about you. You are a natural leader. In my experience those that step up to the task of blogging inherently realize that they have something valuable to say and are eager to offer it to others, they also recognize their ability to influence people. If you’re reading this post you are either already blogging or are strongly considering it. If you’re not blogging yet, I hope you don’t need much convincing, and decide to start right away! As a leader you should know that you have the inherent ability to influence people (for better or worse). I hope I can motivate you to speak up about what you know, and voice your opinion to the masses. A lot of people may read into your zeal to blog and your expectation that people will want to hear what you have to say as you just being arrogant, but don’t be dissuaded. Every great leader comes off as cocky and prideful at one time or another. Simply remember to step back and check yourself and stay humble (after all you’re not a pro blogger yet, are you?). Don’t get preoccupied comparing yourself to other bloggers, just be yourself, the leader that you are and use your voice in a way that will encourage and motivate others. The web is full of negativity and people who hide behind anonymity to harass and insult others (isn’t it funny how so many comment threads deteriorate into bashing and other ignorant statements that are totally unrelated to the post). As a blogger you should consider yourself as someone who has a responsibility to be a positive light in a strange and negative world. Your posts can bring the encouragement a person may need to keep going… whether it means to keep plugging away as a blogger, or to keep trying in life, you could be the difference maker!

Don’t Lose Your Self

It’s easy to get caught up in the task of monetizing a blog, or be swept away by product promotion. But be careful, don’t lose yourself! Are you compromising your voice of integrity by promoting products or tweeting about things that you wouldn’t genuinely share with others? You must be careful to not allow the desire for money to overtake who you are. As a blogger, you need to stay true to your original focus and goals.

So what are your original blogging goals?

What motivated you to start blogging in the first place? For some the answer might come quickly and it may well be money. But for many (especially those that survive for the long haul) I suspect something more than money is driving them. Perhaps it really is a desire to help others, share your knowledge, and encourage or inspire people. Whatever it is that got you started as a blogger, that needs to continue to be a driving force. If money is your only goal, then I encourage you to reevaluate and find something else… something that will last. After all you can’t take money with you, but you can leave behind a legacy.

Wrap Up: Be a Legacy Blogger

What are your thoughts? If you’re a blogger, did you know you were a leader or was this a news flash? Do you recognize your ability to influence your readers? How does this ‘power‘ make you feel? Are you tempted to use your influence for money, is that a bad thing? Can you use your blog to leave a legacy? Start the conversation!