xfinity is how long you must wait from comcastXfinity Internet is a high-speed Internet connection through Comcast cable. It offers speeds from 1.5 to 105 Mbps, which is faster than DSL and satellite. It is enough speed for uninterrupted downloads, fast gaming, online meetings and streaming HD music, movies and videos. It comes as a stand-alone product or in a package with TV and/or Voice. Unfortunately, not everyone is as happy with the service as Comcast is.

As with any service, issues arise occasionally and require the attention of the provider or a service person. Wet weather, hot weather, pooling water and broken wiring can interrupt or muddle up the connection. It happens with all cable companies eventually. The difference is in the way the company handles the situation. Ideally, the repairs and customer service should be fast and courteous and the time without the Internet connection should be short. It doesn’t always happen that way, though.

When situations occur, they can affect more than just one customer. A whole neighborhood may have a problem from the same issue. Oftentimes, these events are handled more quickly because the service personnel only have to fix one thing, usually a relay station that affects the area customers. In the event of an individual, though, it can take several days before help arrives. This is because there are more customers than there are service workers, so it takes longer to get to each individual.

To be fair, Comcast tries its best to get to customers with service needs as quickly as possible and sometimes the work is performed in the same day. Other times, though, it may take a few days. This is not only an inconvenience, but it can be a real problem for customers who use the Internet connection for business.

Most times, Comcast makes the repairs the same day if it is early enough. If not, they usually get to the issue the next day. Again, that’s inconvenient, but somewhat tolerable. On the other hand, sometimes it might take them two, three or even four days before services are rendered and that is not tolerable – especially for a business.

If it is an issue with the equipment, such as the modem and not the connection, it may require taking the equipment back to Comcast in person for an exchange, or the customer may have to wait for a new one to be delivered by mail or courier. That, too, is time consuming.

Service work and repairs aside, Comcast gets its share of complaints about customer service over the phone for Xfinity Internet. This, too, is common and one would be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn’t get a lot of complaints. Customers always seem to be angels when they are telling their friends about the call, but truthfully, they can be hard to get along with and vague to the customer service representatives.

Overall, Comcast does a good job of providing quality products and service and has nothing to gain from making its customers wait for repairs, or by being rude to them on the telephone during a maintenance request call. As stated, every company has its moments and if you use Comcast Xfinity long enough, you will probably have your day with them, too; in the meantime, however, you will likely enjoy the best of what it offers worry-free.