7 ways to earn money on twitterTwitter, the immensely popular social networking site which utilizes the SMS style of messaging, has become an important communication tool in modern society since it can relay information in real time. Thanks to its “retweet” function, messages are instantly forwarded to your followers.

Some people choose to use Twitter for gossip, such as passing around celebrity scoops and other compromising details. Others have used Twitter responsibly for worthwhile causes such as spreading information about relief goods in times of calamity. For personal use, there is a wide range of topics and famous Twitter users you can subscribe to. From personal advice, zodiac, machinery, music, politics, medicine, home D-I-Y and others, there is always someone on Twitter to follow.

In 140 characters or less, Twitter can become the medium you need to make extra money online.Before venturing there, learn the few prerequisites in order to make a lucrative career on Twitter:

  1. Improve your online persona. First of all, develop your personal branding. Take Steve Jobs as an example. The name “Steve Jobs” is far more popular than “Apple”. Steve Jobs’ personal branding is about a man who saved the company who fired him. His insights and business steps are of value to the public. Take notes of what is interesting about you, document and present your content creatively.
  1. Build solid relationships with trust marketing. Brand relationship building in Twitter is absolutely possible. Companies such as Starbucks respond to their customers. A good company responds quickly to inquiries sent to them. Here, feedback and criticisms as well as contact details can be documented for overall improvement. Keeping your followers in good terms with you builds follower loyalty.
  1. See things through a businessman’s eye. Integrate the businessman within if you’re aiming to earn money on Twitter. Using Twitter as a business application requires that you ask the right questions and post the right promotions. Instead of casually asking what are on other people’s minds, use Twitter to search trending topics, interests and fields. This way, you can have a clear map on your competitors and potential content that will satisfy your fans.
  1. Monetize your brand. Making money on Twitter takes time, patience and effort. Since this application has grown popular in epic proportions, some people have transcended the use of Twitter from a conversation tool, into a money making tool.

Now here are 7 tips on how to make money on Twitter

  1. Create an authority account and sell sponsored Tweets. Online marketers have taken advantage of Twitter’s popularity and the celebrities who use them. In collaboration with a famous person or group, online marketers employ celebrities to pitch in their products. It was said that Kim Kardashian earns $10,000 per endorsed Tweet. Check out Sponsored Tweets and Be a Magpie for more information.
  1. “Sell” your profile. Allow a third party advertiser to run their sponsored Tweets using your profile. Be careful with giving your profile away as your followers might think that you are running a “bot” (robot) account. Make sure to sell your profile to a representative whose content is of interest to you, and therefore complimentary to your account. See Twittad to learn more.
  1. Use indirect advertising. Talk as an “unofficial” endorser of a product. Go through the good points and have a little discussion with your followers. Unlike having endorsed Tweets as previously mentioned, this is about you making recommendations to your followers.
  1. Use URL shorteners. Shortened URLs are used to make your links easier to Share, Tweet and email to your friends. Other than that practical function, URL shortener websites can pay you money by using their service. Let’s say you have a potential viral video link, register it to one of these websites, have the URL shortened, and share away. You can earn up to 20% of recommendations and clicks. Linkbucks, ADFly and Ityim are some examples of link shorteners.
  1. Learn and harness the power of affiliate marketing. This happens when a user embeds his affiliate’s links along with his Tweets. For example, a well known guitarist answers his fan’s inquiry regarding George L’s cables. Celebrity guitarist then embeds a guitar website along with his response.
  1. Run a sponsored contest. Popular Twitter users can be employed by an advertiser to start Twitter contests in order to collect valuable feedback. For example a Twitter celebrity could be solicited to Tweet: “In 140 words or less, how do you find the experience of using Product A? Best Tweet gets a prize.
  1. Write reviews. With a wide group of followers or if you are a specialized licensed expert (again, with a wide following), you can now seek advertisers or promoters to get you to write paid reviews to share to your followers. Write reviews about things you properly understand so you can yield constructive output. Topics can range from celebrities, sports cars, software, music, gaming, etc.

Before embarking on your Twitter conquest, make sure you check these must-use Twitter tools out.

  1. Buffer: One day you surf the net and in a span of 2 hours, you find yourself wanting to Tweet all the twenty one websites that astounded you to the point of enlightenment. Buffer is the application you need so that you won’t come across your followers as a flooder. It records and documents all what you want to Tweet about and releases them in time, evenly. You can also check out your Tweet’s statistics on it too.
  1. Marketmesuite: Marketmesuite positions itself as a social media marketing dashboard for business. With this application, you can create reply campaigns that can send off an amount of responses or Tweets to your followers all at the same time. You can also work with other users of this application too via its multi-project framework
  1. Topsy: Topsy is a search engine specializing in Tweets. Topsy aims to measure your popularity objectively on how much a person would pay attention to your Tweets and take most of what you say seriously. Statistics, retweets and clicks can also be monitored via this app.

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