So you’ve moved to a new place. Or maybe you’ve just decided that a home makeover is exactly what you need. The idea is there, you want to design the perfect room, but where do you even start? How do you even start? The task can seem daunting. It’s fairly easy to throw a couch into a living room, or a bed into your bedroom, but that’s not what makes a house a home. The attention is in the details, as the details paint the big picture, and make a huge difference.

Wall art is a crucial detail for your home. Whether it be paintings, posters or a patterned wallpaper, it can really fill out a space and showcase your personal style. Just make sure that you don’t hang your art too high, as there is nothing more visually unappealing than a painting floating feet up in the air, or uncomfortably below eye level. Art is the perfect way to do something different, and demonstrate some creativity so don’t feel as if you have to gravitate towards the matchy-matchy. Check out the selections offered at Society6, Etsy and Lumas for pieces to fit every budget.

An area rug not only looks good, but it can reduce noise and warm your home-stylish and functional. JoyBird has a great selection of area rugs with a variety of patterns and sizes. You can also find an area rug for half the cost by shopping at carpet factories and purchasing fragments. By purchasing a remainder of someone else’s rug you can get a premium quality rug for nothing. Before purchasing a rug, keep in mind that the decision is not just about your home style, but your lifestyle as well. The rug you want could vary if you have children, pets or a high traffic area.  Need inspiration?  Check out these custom designed furnitures by real users.