Whether you’ve seen the show or not, you’ve probably heard the name ‘Marie Kondo’. The strong lead of Netflix original series ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ has taken the internet by storm encouraging people to get their rooms in tip-top shape. The premise is simple, get rid of any possession that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ to eliminate unnecessary clutter. The process, however, is a much steeper challenge than what meets the eye. 

People across the globe have tested this KonMari method out first hand, and it’s really no joke. Whether they were inspired to initiate this ultimate cleaning task by the Netflix series, Kondo’s book ‘The Magic of Tidying Up’, or friends/family recommendations, the results are undeniable. Participants got rid of up to eleven bags filled with clutter, with majority filling between three to five bags. 

graph displaying how many people cry during the konmari method and which category was the most emotional to work with

While admittedly the only requirement is getting rid of things that don’t provoke joy and happiness, this can still be an emotional process. In fact, 40% of people say they cried at some point during their KonMari experience. The most emotional category was mementos, which while may not be used regularly, still have some sentimental value. 

So how do you really know if an object sparks joy? Ultimately it’s about letting go. Everyone has a few things that they hoard, even though they know it doesn’t add any real value to life. Marie Kondo argues that these objects are actually distracting from life, occupying unnecessary space and acting as a barrier to the perfect, tidy space. 

The tears seem to be worth it though. Eight out of 10 people who gave it a shot were satisfied with the results. The results are lasting for anyone who’s dedicated enough to keep it up – 15% of people say they are still incorporating this method of tidying today. graph breaking down how long people maintain the konmari method

Ultimately, the tidiness of a room is in your hands. If you really want to commit to cleanliness, take the KonMari method very seriously. Cheating your way through this method will lead to no results, nor will giving up after spending a short time sorting through your stuff. Know that it won’t be easy, but this method is a sure way to achieve ultimate room goals.