email marketingEmail marketing is one of the best ways to get your product or services and have it reach a targeted audience. There is plenty of online software available on the net (either free or commercial) to perform email marketing. Money is really important and not worthy of being thrown away, therefore we should invest it on the right product. So I would like to mentions some of the important points which has to be taken care of while buying email marketing software or availing SaaS (Software as a Services) email marketing services.

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1. Do check the origin of the software developers and their successful product on market.

2. Email marketing should let users to know the status of sent email. So better you have to check the mail status tracking facility of software or services.

3. If you are going to have Email marketing tool, Please do check whether it is customizable or not.

4. User need to check the speed of the mail servers and configuration of mail server while going to avail SaaS Email marketing services.

5. Most important criteria is spam detection and termination. Email marketing software should have this facility to have professional marketing.

6. Contact list of the Email marketing software should be expendable which helps users to increase number of contacts in future.

7. Email marketing software should have the facility to import or export contact list from either files or from some other mail domains like yahoo, msn, gmail etc.

8. Need to check Auto responder facility. It will helps user to send multiple and sequential messages automatically.

9. Email marketing campaign creation should be a user friendly experience and let users to allow more than on contact list into campaign.

10. Email marketing software should have built-in scheduling wizard to send marketing mails on scheduled dates and time.

11. Check for free online demo for email marketing software and Free trial for SaaS email marketing tool at least for a month.

12. If you are going to avail services, Do prefer monthly payment option. It will help you to stop the service when you feel quality is low.

13. Users have to ask for tutorial either in PDF format or in video format. It helps us to perform email marketing without help of others.

14. Do check privacy of your operations and secure mail id storing system while availing SaaS Email marketing Services.

15. Have to check quality of customer support for email marketing software or services. User need to get support from experts when they are in need. Support should be in free of cost.

I hope all my tips will be helpful for you to find quality email marketing software or services. Spend your money on buying a worthy product. Good luck!