Bloggers (especially newer bloggers) are always learning when it comes to promoting your blog, and on the lookout for the most effective methods. The vast majority of bloggers will never spend money advertising their blog – good, keep it in your pocket, don’t waste it. Today I’m going to let you in on some simple blog promotion tips for getting your blog out there, and all it requires is for you to be a little selfless and get your focus off of promoting your own blog and onto promoting others. There are plenty of ‘little guys’ in the blogging world, you may very likely be one of them – and that’s okay – we all have to start somewhere. If you want to get your name out there, the best trick in the world is to promote other blogs.

You’ve likely heard about how commenting on other blogs can build backlinks and is an effective way of getting your blog out there. (Good news, by the way! Info Carnivore is now also a Comment Luv, Do Follow blog – so leaving a comment here with your most recent post attached to your comment is one way of promoting yourself!) do follow plugin installed

How To Promote Your Blog

Comments are perhaps one of the most effective ways of promoting a new blog since it is virtually guaranteed to get noticed… at least by the blog owner! But having a blog owner on your side is a big deal as blog owners have influence and reach, and can help you get your name out there even more than you can on your own. And this is what makes blogging so great, is how bloggers stick together and support one another. Even though there is competition, it is friendly, and there’s enough space on the web for everyone. Yes, even you can offer something unique. There are literally thousands of articles that offer blog promotion tips, many of which say the same things. I’m not necessarily offering you an idea that’s never been mentioned before… what I am offering you that is unique is the idea that you must change your attitude when it comes to promoting your own blog. Too many blog owners are pre-occupied with themselves and end up getting frustrated over a lack of increased traffic from all the promotion methods they’re trying.

There are a lot of simple things you can do!

  • Visit other blogs & leave a comment (don’t be picky and look only for comment luv blogs, go everywhere – especially similar niches!)
  • Retweet the post (be sure to include the authors twitter username in your Tweet!)
  • Stumble the post (yeah, hit that thumbs up button!)
  • Share it on facebook (and like it too!)
  • Submit it to a social network (like Blog Engage, Serpd, DoFollow Luv etc…)
  • Vote for it when you see it on other networks.
  • Network with the blogger! Make a point of following them on twitter, stumble, digg and other social networks. Follow me on twitter, here.

My point is this, if you are intentional about promoting others content, then those people will take notice! In turn they will begin promoting your content. When you go at it with the right attitude, and you find quality content and make a point of helping spread the word, people thank you by doing the same for you in return. It’s the simple axiom “give and you will receive”.

What Else Can Be Done?

The above list is far from complete. There is much more that you can do to help out a fellow blogger. What additional thoughts do you have? Here’s your chance to leave a comment. πŸ™‚