avg 2011 reviewAVG my favorite antivirus solution has released their 2011 version, and it comes highly recommended! The aspect of AVG that makes it incredibly successful is the fact that it is really easy on the CPU. AVG does not slow down your computer the way many antivirus solutions do. AVG has a free version which is fantastic and I also recommend for those that are not certain that they want to pay for their antivirus solution yet. 2011 is slicker looking than their previous versions and also features a new social networking protection that helps keep you safe on networks like twitter and facebook, so you can protect yourself from being ‘likejacked’ or from clicking on bad shortlinks!

What makes AVG so great? It stays out of your hair. AVG doesn’t interfere with you or prompt you to do anything unless dealing with a genuine threat. Most days you’ll never even know AVG is there, you won’t get prompted to download things, or need to make decisions. Set your scheduled scanning, set your scheduled updates and forget it.

AVG 2011 Review – Best Features

  • Anti-Virus , Anti-Spyware, Smart Anti-Rootkit (ENHANCED)
    Makes sure you can’t receive or unintentionally spread even the toughest viruses or spyware.
  • AVG LinkScanner® (ENHANCED)
    Checks web pages in real time before you visit them and shows safety ratings in your search engine results list
  • AVG Social Networking Protection (NEW and UNIQUE to AVG)
    Protects you and your friends on social networks

Should I Get the Pay Version?

People will inevitably ask, should I pay to upgrade? Antivirus companies are successful primarily because of marketing. There is a lot of competition in the antivirus industry and there are some really top notch products (Take a look at my 2010 Top Free Antivirus picks!). Norton is “the world’s best selling antivirus”, that is a big statement, made possible only because Norton has marketed their inferior antivirus product so well, it essentially comes preloaded on most of the world’s box computers. There are definitely free alternatives, but in order to make money Antivirus vendors have successfully held back some of their best features for the pay versions. That doesn’t mean entirely that a free version is weaker or less secure, but simply put – the pay versions include everything necessary to keep the ‘average’ user 100% secure and safe online. So, should you pay to get the full version of AVG 2011. I won’t tell you not to, I think it’s a good idea for peace of mind and security. Less experienced and more average home users who aren’t calling themselves techies or geeks will sincerely benefit from the pay version of AVG.

From the publisher:

AVG Anti-Virus 2011 offers safe surfing, searching, gaming and social networking. You’ll also enjoy risk-free file exchange, secure downloading and online chatting, as well as one of the fastest scanning speeds on the market. Meanwhile, AVG’s Community Protection Network shares the latest threat information with the online community to ensure everyone receives the highest form of protection possible, and AVG’s Protective Cloud Technology serves as an early warning system to block new threats and reduce false positives. AVG Anti-Virus 2011–exceptional protection that won’t get in your way.